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Chef Sean prepares nutritious vegetarian meals and snacks daily. He provides many teachable moments for our children to learn healthy eating habits.


Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, cheese & crackers, muffins, granola bars



Fresh fruit & vegetable selections alongside the daily main dish:
Corn, peas, baked apples, green beans, applesauce, broccoli, oranges, carrots, cucumbers, etc.



AJ Menu for June 17 - 21

Monday: Red Beans & Rice (D)


Tuesday: Fish Tacos (D, W)

Wednesday: Mac n' Cheese (D, W, E)

Thursday: Flatbread Pizza (D, W)

Friday: "Chicken" Nuggets (D, W)


D: Dairy; W: Wheat; E: Egg; S: Soy

Loaves of Bread
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