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AJ Preschoolers

The framework of our preschool curriculum is organized around areas of interest that support the learning process through play. One of our goals is for the children to enjoy school and to begin their school career with a positive attitude towards learning. We want them to be encouraged to have a positive self-image and make decisions for themselves whenever possible and appropriate.


AJ Preschool Twos & Threes

Here at AJ Preschool our classrooms are a

child-led & play-based learning environment.


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Twos & Threes 

Curriculum Guides

Our preschool curriculum is based on the children’s interests, development levels, and needs that are observed through their play. All subject areas are integrated: language, math, science, music, movement, and art. Children are free to learn, by being free to work and play in a well-designed classroom full of rich and varied materials. We aim to develop attitudes of kindness, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness towards others.

Each classroom will start their morning with an extended period of time having free-play, making their own decisions about what materials and friends to play and interact with. There will be a circle time, during which teachers will read stories, sing songs, discuss the weather, the calendar, upcoming events in our lives, and participate in other engaging and stimulating activities. Your child will play outside in one of the several different playground areas on our school property, running, climbing, building, and riding bikes. We go outside during all types of weather and temperatures - so make sure to dress your child accordingly!

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