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AJ Preschool supports the whole child, including areas of development in

fine & gross motor skills, visual processing, oral motor, sensory processing, social interaction skills, and so much more!

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Early Interventionist

Olly Determann is AJ Preschool's Early Interventionist, who collaborates with professional therapists (OT, PT, Speech, etc) and with classroom teachers to plan and implement activities in the classroom based on a child's assessment and best practices.


Our Early Interventionist is an advocate for each child in our care and will work alongside teachers to help support individual children, their parents, and the entire classroom as a whole.

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Speech & Language


Mary Jane Baker has been on staff since 1990 as AJ's speech pathologist. Her focus is working with children with speech and language delays and disorders, including articulation and phonology, receptive and expressive language delays, autism spectrum disorders, fluency, voice, and central auditory processing disorders.

During a typical school year, Mary Jane screens all of our AJ children in the 3's and 4's classes and younger children by referral. Our AJ Parent Association (PA) covers the cost of the initial screening. Comprehensive evaluations may follow screenings and individual therapy is offered at school. All further therapy payments are negotiated between Mary Jane Baker and the family.

Occupational Therapist

Sarah DuChaine is a registered, licensed occupational therapist with FUNctional Therapy who conducts screenings and provides treatment at AJ Preschool during the school day.


Children are identified for the initial screen either by the family or classroom teacher. Our AJ Parent Association (PA) covers the cost of the initial screening. All further therapy payments are negotiated between FUNctional Therapy and the family.

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