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Adath Jeshurun Preschool focuses on every area of the child’s development. All children are considered regardless of race, creed or national origin. The emphasis is geared toward individual, social, emotional, physical, cognitive, linguistic and intellectual growth. From beginning problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking to the nurturing of creativity, sharing and individuality, the staff at AJ Preschool allow each child to develop at his or her own pace. Activities are designed to engage, challenge, and stimulate our children.

Adath Jeshurun Preschool encourages self-expression and self-confidence as children learn about friendship and group interaction. All of this is accomplished through hands-on-experience and that all children deserve a learning environment that is both challenging and guiding. The children play and learn in a secure and supportive atmosphere in which emphasis is placed on the process of learning rather than on a pre-determined final product.

Adath Jeshurun Preschool children learn critical thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning through dramatic arts, creative art projects, block building and water play. They learn Jewish culture, religion, and spiritual principles by celebrating the beliefs, holidays, and heritage of the Jewish people.


Our Mission and Core Values...


Here at AJ Preschool we offer Special Services to help support your child as a whole. These roles include:

❖Speech & Language Pathologist - Mary Jane Baker

❖Occupational Therapist - Sarah DuChaine

❖Early Interventionist - Olly Determann


If you or your child’s teachers have any concerns regarding your child’s development you can reach out to AJ’s interventionist. She will collaborate with professional therapists to get your child the support they need.

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